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Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey is the founder and president of Customer Centricity and an expert in creating customer-focused organizations. He has an extensive background in project management, process engineering, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and IT across a diverse set of industries.

Craig has successfully developed and implemented processes that are predictable, scalable, increase customer loyalty and retention, gain cost efficiencies and improve profitability.  Recent client projects have spanned a number of areas including:

  • Leading a large scale CRM deployment for a life sciences company

  • Customer Experience Assessment

  • Customer service center startup

  • Outsourcing evaluation and management

  • Business process streamlining

  • Post merger / acquisition (whole company) integration

  • Customer perception polling and survey

  • Customer Experience Management workshop

Prior to founding Customer Centricity, Craig served as Vice President of Customer Care for Genuity's U.S.-based customer service centers during the height of its period of explosive growth.  He led numerous initiatives which increased customer satisfaction and positioned the company for its August 2002 ranking, by Network Magazine, as the #1 Internet Service Provider in customer service.

Craig was responsible for leading the service restoration efforts for Genuity's customer-base following the destruction of 9/11, which affected a majority of its enterprise customers’ networks and major segments of its backbone network. He ensured that corporate resources were marshaled in a timely manner to restore services as quickly as possible to customers impacted by the event, while delivering the same quality of service to non-impacted customers.

As Director of Information Services for GTE Internetworking, Craig was instrumental in developing processes that integrated sales, marketing and operations to present "one face" to customers and consistently exceed their expectations.

At EDS, Holland Mark Martin and GTE Mobile Communications, Craig developed processes and implemented technology to support all facets of customer care. His excellent communications and leadership skills have enabled him to help numerous organizations reach peak performance.

Craig began his career at Great Northern Paper designing systems for sales and marketing to improve operational efficiencies and revenue growth.

Craig has lectured on customer relationship management, corporate strategy, operational effectiveness, and entrepreneurship as a guest speaker at Babson College, Bentley College, Boston College, Clark University, Harvard University, MIT's Sloan School of Management, and Rivier College, in addition to participating on numerous panels for other organizations and events. Craig has also recently served as an adjunct professor at Bentley College, teaching a course on Global Business.

Meet our founder. View Customer Centricity President and Founder Craig Bailey in a recent video interview.


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Examples of client
and colleague feedback:

“Craig has incredible insight into the inter-relationships between departments within an organization and how these impact the organization’s operations and overall health. He has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in building customer support and operations teams and focusing them on excellence. He has driven cross-functional deployments of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, helping to integrate and internalize the systems and processes as part of the business culture.”

Robert McKinney


“Craig is an expert in customer relations and knows how to lead organizations in becoming customer centric. Craig and his superior team of consultants quickly implemented systems and processes to change the way we do business.”

Eileen Butler
Regional Planning Specialist
Project Management Institute (PMI)


Example feedback from audiences where Craig has presented:

"Thank you for taking the time to present to us.  Although I'm sure you could tell that it was well-received from the degree to which the group got involved, I can add that, from my experience in event-scheduling, it was in the top echelon of presentations in terms of breadth and depth of involvement, and practical advice."

Richard Lange
Harvard Alumni Association

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