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What We Do

At Customer Centricity our goal is to make your organization perform better and deliver stronger results through a more customer-focused approach. We do this in two primary ways:

1. Helping Our Customers Become More Customer-Focused. 

This can involve a range of services depending on the individual situation and can take several forms:

  • Performing an initial assessment of the customer's experience using our Customer Experience Assessment methodology.  This is a 360 degree review of the customer experience looking across all touch points (e.g. web site, sales, service, product, invoicing, customer-facing personnel, systems, processes, and any other other area that impacts the customer).  The result is an executive level read-out sharing what is working, opportunities for improvement and a road-map for improving the customer experience.

  • Executing customer surveys and interpreting the results for the company in order to develop and execute a plan to make necessary improvements.

  • Driving projects that are targeted at improving the customer experience -- either resulting from the above exercises, or those where a company has already decided to undertake, but need strong leadership to implement.

2. Delivering Experienced Project Management Services.

Often, organizations lack the integral project management know-how and resources to design, plan, execute, and report on complex, cross-functional, projects, including, but not limited to:

  • IT implementations, such as ERP and CRM systems.  Includes analysis of user needs and process design to get all the constituents on the same page and ensure that the organization yields the expected benefits.

  • Post-acquisition integration.  This is essentially leading the "whole-company" program to integrate an acquired firm.  This encompasses all aspects of the organization, including financials, facilities, sales, service, personnel, processes, and more.

  • Business process design and/or streamlining.  This includes working with all constituents to identify as-is processes and opportunities for improvement, ensuring all groups have a voice and a stake in the new design and the successful implementation.  

At Customer Centricity, we approach each customer individually and consider their unique requirements.  As we work with the customer, we review all areas of people, process, and technology to understand the true scope of the issues, rather than jumping to technology as the answer.  Our experience has shown that our methods work and deliver results far beyond what could be done internally. 

Why? Because we have a wealth of real-world experience from working with customers across a wide range of industries solving complex customer relationship and service management issues.  We become part of your team without being bound by what has been done in the past or political barriers that impede change.  Quite simply, we help you plan for success, execute the plans without fear, and deliver results in the form of delighted customers. 

We encourage you to explore our web site to get more information about our approach and services.  You can use the links below to get started:

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